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Are you looking for someone in your past, present or future? Here is a partial list of some of the many types of people we have successfully found for our clients:
  • First and past loves
  • High school classmates
  • Biological parents and siblings
  • Adopted children
  • Service buddies
  • Missing heirs
  • Former neighbors
  • Lost relatives
  • Childhood sweethearts and friends
  • Teachers who made a difference
  • Deadbeat parents
  • Skipped debtors
  • Witnesses to accidents
  • Tracing bad checks
  • Confidential investigations

Locates Plus - "Searching The World For You"

Locates Plus is an internationally recognized locating service. We are a team of highly skilled professionals who each have numerous years of expertise in investigations, skiptracing and locating of missing persons. We have abundant investigative resources that are not available to other locating services. This is why our success ratio is much higher than other search firms - 94%.

Our service is personalized and our specialists treat each case with great care and concern. YOU ARE NOT JUST A NUMBER TO US! Our investigators are persistent and no matter how difficult a search is, WE WILL NOT GIVE UP. We are not like typical search firms that provide you with a list of hundreds of people with the same name you are looking for and expect you to call each of them . . . We will find your specific "locate" regardless of how common their name is.
Locates Plus welcomes these credit cards:
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